Safety Advice

Ladder Safety AdviceDO: Make sure the equipment safely reaches the required height for the job and is in sound condition
DO: Place base of the equipment on a firm, level and dry surface
DO: Wear strong soled, flat shoes or boots
DO: Position the ladder at the safest optimum angle to a wall using this simple 4 to 1 guide: for every 4 units in height of the ladder top, place the base 1 unit away from the wall
DO: Where stabilisers are not available, secure both top and bottom stiles of the ladder to fixed objects. If not possible, ask another adult to ‘foot’ the ladder by standing with one foot on the bottom rung and holding a stile in each hand
DO: Rest top of ladder against solid surface or use a ‘stay’ or ‘stand-off’
DO: When using a ladder of 18 rungs or more have an overlap of at least three rungs. For ladders up to 18 rungs, have an overlap of two rungs
DO: Hold onto the equipment with one hand while working. Trays and other accessories are available for tools, paint pots, etc.
DO: Check the stepladder is locked into its operating position
DO: Position stepladder front on to area to be worked

DON’T: Use ladders in strong winds
DON’T: Use ladders near power lines
DON’T: Carry heavy or long materials up a ladder
DON’T: Reach too far forwards or sideways
DON’T: Have more than one person on the steps at a time
DON’T: Use the handrail to gain extra height


Always select the correct size and type of ladder or stepladder for the job. As well as different types of ladders and steps (aluminium, wood, fibreglass etc) which all have their individual properties, making them suitable for some jobs, but not for others. There are 3 main classifications:

BS2037 CLASS 1
Heavy duty industrial product.
Maximum Load 175kg (27,5 stone)
(Includes both person and equipment)

BSEN 131
Medium duty trade product
Maxium Load 150kg (23.5 stone)
(Includes person and equipment)

BS2037 CLASS 3
Domestic use only
Maximum Load 125kg (19.5 stone)
(Includes person and equipment)

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